Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty Pose Dolly Gets a Cleaning!

Before clothing cleaning

 I knew the minute I saw her I was in love!   She stands 18" tall with a beautiful face and lovely styling.  I saw beyond the brown stained blouse and fur which I imagined was once snow winter white.  I first felt I should leave her in her present condition as I was afraid I may cause some irreversible damage.   In the end I felt I simply had to do something to restore her to her former glory.  I did some research and read that bleach was completely out of the question as it is very destructive to the vintage fabric.  I finally settled on carefully removing her clothing and hat and  soaking them in  diluted oxy clean and distilled water.  I remembered my grandmother telling me that laying whites in the sunshine for a short while  is also a very effective whitening method.  I carefully and nervously proceeded with my cleaning and low and behold she looks almost like new!  Even her teal blue skirt and hat look 10 times better after using the Oxy clean. 
She looks so happy now!

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